The history of the Tour de France

Year 1993


  • After sprint specialists exchanged the yellow jersey in the opening week, two-time defending champion Miguel Indurain took over the race lead for good after winning the first time trial around Lac de Madine. His strongest challenge turned out to be Switzerland's Tony Rominger, winner of two stages in the Alps. But Rominger had lost too much time in the opening stages to be a real threat, and Indurain cruised to his third Tour title.

  • Throughout Miguel Indurain's reign as the Tour's top dog, Switzerland's Tony Rominger is likely the rider who challenged his supremacy most. Unfortunately Rominger himself didn't realize Indurain's vulnerability until it was too late. Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from twice defeating Big Mig in the Alps, temporarily dropping him in the Pyrénées, and then beating the Spaniard in the final time trial, thus handing Indurain his first time trial defeat in since 1991.

  • Miguel Indurain’s puncture in the Lac de Madine time trial saves his brother Prudencio, ranked last, from elimination. Last rider: Van Hooydonck (136th), 3 hours, 30 minutes and one second behind.

  • Miguel Indurain’s third consecutive win. He also wins both the Tour and the Giro for the second consecutive time. Six towns host the Tour for the first time.

  • Czechoslovakia is divided into two republics; iconoclast rocker Frank Zappa dies; Audrey Hepburn dies.

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