The history of the Tour de France

Year 2004

Armstrong, Leipheimer, Van de Velde, Hincapie disqualified for doping


  • Despite a strong performance by 20-year-old newcomer Lucien Pothier, and a strong challenge by Hippolite Aucouturier, it was the experienced Maurice Garin who dominated the inaugural Tour de France. After winning the first stage, he remained within reach as Aucouturier took the following two stages. But then Garin shifted into high gear. And after winning the final two stages he pocketed the first "Tour de France Cycliste" by over two hours.

  • Maurice Garin so dominated the first Tour that his nearest competitor finished 2 hours 49 minutes behind. Today Garin still holds the record for winning the race by the greatest margin.

  • Henri Desgranges, claimed his newspaper, L'Auto, was launching across France the reckless and tough seeds of energy that are the great racers of professional cycling." Average speed of Maurice Garin : 25,679 km/h. - Prize money : 6.075 Frs. Desvages, next to last, uses a free wheel bike. Last rider : Millocheau (21st place), 64 h 47' 22" behind.

  • The creation of the world's greatest cycling race.

  • The Wright brothers enjoy their first successful airplane flight; Pierre and Marie Curie win the Nobel Prize for their work with radioactivity.

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