The history of the Tour de France

Year 1925


  • As in 1924, Italian Ottavio Bottecchia dominated the 1925 Tour de France. He took the yellow jersey after the first stage, and although he lost it briefly, he took it over for good on the long rain-sodden stage into Perpignan. In 1925 his strongest challenge came from Belgium's Lucien Buysse. But Buysse was Bottecchia's teammate, and was therefore never allowed to seriously challenge his Italian leader.

  • Although Ottavio Bottecchia dominated the 1925 Tour just as he had in 1924, he faltered in the Alps. Challenging him was his Italian countryman Bartolomeo Aymo, who won stage 13 from Nice to Briançon 10 minutes in front of Bottecchia. But like Lucien Buysse, Aymo was a teammate of Bottecchia’s, and he wasn’t allowed to challenge the yellow jersey.

  • "Le Roi de la Pédale" (Bicycle King), a film starring Biscot, is filmed partly on the Tour. Last rider: Besnier (49th) at 36h 10 50 sec.

  • After sticking to a 15-stage format since 1910, the Tour expands to 18 stages. Bottecchia wins the first and last stages just as he did in 1924. No Frenchman in the first 10 finishers. Romain Bellenger is 11th and Christophe is 18th, at the age of 40.

  • A vaccine for tuberculosis is created; Hitler publishes "Mein Kampf;" the Red Army occupies Mongolia; Josephine Baker causes a sensation in Paris with the "Negro Revue."

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